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Bison State Bank’s Home Mortgage has developed a new, yet old-fashioned experience in the American Dream of owning a home…. unlike anything you will find in most banks or mortgage lenders. Remember when banks were an important gathering place for folks to share their thoughts, dreams, and even an occasional ‘tall-tale’ with their banker.

We have turned the clock back to a time when you talked to your banker about your life’s dreams and plans…and your banker really took the time to listen. Our home mortgage division was designed to create an experience that will restore confidence in home ownership. We have built our home mortgage processes to yield an unmatched level of personalized service designed to make the process of a home loan go smoothly and efficiently.

Most banks and mortgage companies simply move the customers through an assembly line approach of putting together loan applications. Our skilled underwriters, processors, and closers will make you feel comfortable that your loan is getting the complete and immediate attention it deserves…. regardless as to whether it is small or large.We will meticulously guide your through every step of the loan process, from origination, to closing and every detail in between.

Over the years, we passed a period when consumers were often placed into loans that may have not been appropriate.A period when the banker cared little about the dreams and plans but more about just getting the deal done and collecting a nice incentive and a myriad of fees through an impersonal assembly line process. This often led to aggressive and sloppy underwriting which steered the borrower to a mortgage that was barely affordable.

We invite you to experience, first hand, inside our Bison Kansas office, or we will bring the bank to you in our new Concierge Mobile Office. We offer a banking experience unlike any other. We treat our customers with unwavering respect and individualized attention. We know our customers' names, their financial goals, and we earn their confidence and trust every day.


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